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How to Use this Form: Use this form to contact me about your tile project, ask questions or order tile.

I'm pretty good about answering mail so in most cases, you should have a response within a few hours.

William De Morgan Fish


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*If you don't supply a valid email, the server mail program will filter out your message and I will never see it.

If you want a response, don't use a @yahoo, or @hotmail address because of their filters. If you don't hear from me within a day, I never saw it or my response hit your filter.

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Other ways to contact us:

Phone: 503-974-4888

By mail:

William Morris Tile
2850 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., #429
Beaverton, Oregon 97005


By ordering tile, you're agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. They're pretty standard (my inspiration).

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Did you get my email?

I usually answer messages the same day. For phone calls, I don't answer when I'm making tile but leave a message with your number and a good time to call you back. If you don't hear from me within a day, I didn't get your message or my response is in your spam filter.

Do you ship internationally?

I do! I have shipped tiles to the UK, Australia, Canada New Zealand, Norway, Belgium, Italy, and Brazil, as well as throughout the US.

Can I use these tiles in my bathroom... kitchen... fireplace... garden?

All the tiles here are decorative tile and will work for most interior applications. What that means: It means, at its essence, that you can't walk, ice skate, or use it for utility such as a cutting board. Tiles for those purposes have a different rating, and these aren't that. You can install them in kitchens as a border or backsplash, in bathroom showers and baths, as fireplace surrounds, overmantels or side panels, and as stair risers or accents. You can even install them on your hearth, assuming you aren't wearing your golf cleats while walking on your hearth. (More tile specifications)

Exterior applications: I do have one type of blank that is suitable for a garden, if you live in a temperate climate and install it in a protected area like Morris's Pilgrim's Rest porch. If you live where the weather can be extreme, then relief tiles made for exterior application are safer.

How do I care for these tiles?

You can clean them with any non-abrasive cleanser: I like vinegar and warm water and a soft cloth. Even an abrasive cleanser or rigorous use of a scrubbie will not hurt the color; it is baked in. But abrasive products will make the glaze appear duller, and probably not uniformly. Like polished marble, you're more concerned with the polish than the integrity of the tile.

I need a quote but how many tiles do I need?

For borders, I just need to know how many linear feet. For backsplashes, then the length and width of each area. For fireplaces, we need the length and width of each rectangular surface. The step-by-step guide to measuring for tile is here: How to Measure for Tile.

Tell me how your tile is made.

The very first Morris tiles were hand-painted by Kate Faulkner and others at Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co. but whatever workability that had ended when they began producing murals. The way I make tile is very similar to the way that De Morgan made the Membland tile panel. Each tile is individually handcrafted. If you are looking for handpainted tiles, mine are not, for both my own and very Morris reasons that involve not exploiting the labor of third-world children. I detail the process in this long-winded explanation. You might also be interested in Morris and Co. Tile Making process; I don't think it's what you'd expect.

I'm not sure what I want. Can you help me?

If you can tell me generally what you like, I can point you in that direction. If you don't know at all, perhaps it would be a good idea to browse the Site Map. If I know what you like, I can usually suggest several that might work for what you have in mind.

Do you work with professionals?

I find I am happier working with homeowners directly, where the communications have softer corners.

Can you quote me a price for ... number of tiles?

You can get a rough idea of cost from the individual product pages. You can also use this form to request an estimate. An estimate really is a best guess. Once you decide on a tile and request an invoice, those prices are good for 30 days. There are some discounts, depending on how you decide to pay for your tiles. All of the discounts are outlined in How to Order Tile so I won't repeat them here.

Is there a minimum order size? Can I buy a single tile?

Why minimum orders? What's that about? Before an order is ever placed, there's information gathering and a lot of back and forth on tile size and colors and sometimes photographs of the area. I may do some mockups to help in those decisions. Once an order is finalized, there's the usual overhead in setting up and moving it through the process to shipping and delivery. To mitigate all that, there is a minimum order of 9 tiles for 4.25 inch tiles, 7 tiles for 6 inch tiles, and a minimum order of 5 tiles for 8 inch tiles. If a tile benefits a charity, such as the medieval dogs and cats, there is no minimum.

All that said, you can buy a single sample tile. Sample tiles are now full-size tiles. If you are interested in a pattern or image that spans several tiles, I will make you a sample tile that shows as many colors from the overall mural as possible.

How much are XX number of tiles delivered?

The base price is listed on each individual product page, but there are discounts depending on how you pay or if it is the featured tile on the day you order it or commit to it. I can't tell you how much shipping is until ship time. A rough estimate is that shipping will usually be 5-15% of your tile order, depending on where you are located and the kind of tile you get. If you ask for an estimate with shipping, it is helpful if you provide your address. Shipping costs are exact charges, plus $20-25 per box up to 22 pounds, $50 per box for up to 50 pounds, which is exactly what I pay. To give you an idea, thirty (30) 6x6 ceramic tiles is about 22 pounds (10kg). More about shipping and delivery.

I want the tile that you have, only bigger and different. Can you do that?

Maybe! If it's "I want an Arthur Rackham backsplash just like your Fairy Backsplash, except it has to be 56 x 90 and oh I have photos of the mural we're trying to replace that looks nothing like your Rackham images and they have to be modified for nudity," then no. But most reasonable requests, yes. Ask me. After we have the scope defined, custom and bespoke tiles cost the same as comparable as-listed tiles. There are no additional charges for small color changes. For more extensive changes and new designs, there are some nominal set-up costs which I discuss in How to Order Custom and Bespoke Tiles.

Can you send me free samples?

I'm sorry, I can't. I'm not a store that stocks mass-produced Morris-design tiles. I make each tile individually and I like to think that every time, I get a little better. Designers and tile collectors also make samples unworkable. You can order a full-sized sample. Samples are full-size tiles and can be used in your project.

This place is not very organized. How can I find ___?

Yeah, I know. It's because I'd rather make tile. Have you looked at First Time Here?

As soon as I offer a new tile, it will appear in four places:

Main Page (scroll down to newest tiles)

The all-inclusive sitemap

and on the appropriate overview page: