Ordering William Morris Tiles

How to Order Tiles, Step-by-Step

All website prices are before discounts (There are some), and shipping. I do ship internationally.

You can order tiles as-shown but you can also make changes. Because I make them for you, there is no additional charge for a small happiness such as making a blue a bit more turquoise. In all but a few cases, you'll still have your tiles with a few weeks. Making the decorative arts personal is central to what William Morris was all about.

Several color changes on a tile can require a good bit of work so if your changes are extensive or you want an entirely new design, please look at How to Order Custom and Bespoke Tiles.

Here's a summary of the steps:

  1. Choose Your Tiles and Measure Your Space. Don't worry if the tiles you want don't fit the space exactly. That rarely happens.

  2. Contact me via the form on this page. We will scope your project, which can be simple or more complicated. I have tiles I haven't had time to put up on the website so if you know you want tile but aren't sure what, I may have something you'd like.

  3. When it's settled what and how many, we'll figure out any discounts, invoice you for a deposit, and queue your order. In most cases, you will have your tiles in three weeks or less. Large murals can take twice that, though.

Next Steps

Define Your Project

I enjoy talking about tile and home projects, but I understand that some people just like to get on with it, so if you are more comfortable with an invoice, we can make that work, too. I'll write you back, answer any questions you have, ask any questions I need to make your tiles, and get all our ducks in a row. You can use the contact form on this page to start the process.

Discounts and Rebates

You can get discounts and rebates when you pay for your tiles by check, e-check, (or bank transfer if you are international) and promise photos of your project. Not all promises are kept, but do know that customer-taken photos are a great help to others who are looking for tile. Several higher resolution photos are more helpful than a single 640 pixel photo hurriedly snapped but just do your best.


  • Featured tile: The featured tile changes every few days. Featured tiles and backsplashes are discounted 10% on the days they are featured. See the catalog for the current featured tiles. (So far, no one has ever ordered a featured tile on the day it's featured, but it's fun to change it so I continue.)

  • Payments: If your tiles are not featured, there are still discounts. Some payment methods cost me less than others and I credit these against the shipping cost of your tiles whenever possible. There are no fees for checks, or person-to-person transfers your account to an email address (and sometimes this is true with Paypal). There's a small cost to receive wire transfers and we can settle up when your tiles are done and I give you the shipping costs.

Minimum Order: There's a mimimum order of 7 tiles tiles to qualify for discounts (4 tiles for 8x8inch or 8x6 inch tiles).

Rebates for Charities and Photos


Life has mostly been good to me and I get this urge to give back. If you would like to donate $10 to any of these charities, I'll subtract $10 from shipping of your order.

Rebates for Photos

Giving discounts on promises of photos has not worked out as well as I had hoped. Going forward, when you send me photos of your installation within a year of your order date, I will refund a percentage of your order (min $10, max $100). Smartphone photos taken by real people are fine. Several photos work better than one, and the higher resolution you can manage, the better.

Contact or Request an Invoice

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Tell me about your project & the tiles you like

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If the form misbehaves, other contact information is here:
Phone and Address

Urgencies: Urgencies happen more often than you would think. You order field tile, your contractor schedules the installation, but the tile doesn't arrive as promised or you are sent the wrong thing or the light gray grout turns out to be persimmon.

I will start your tiles as soon as I have your deposit, or very soon, if there is another urgency ahead of yours. There is no extra charge for the bump in the queue. Life is hard enough. Most people are very accommodating if I have to delay their tiles a few days because another person needs tiles in a hurry to meet a contractor deadline.

Welcome and Featured Tile

First Time Here?

Where to Start - Designing Your Tile Project

Catalog and Customer Installation Photos


What if ..... ?

I Really Like the Color But Can You Change It

Size and Color Changes: Minor changes, such as making a blue a bit more cobalt are usually quick and easy and I don't charge for such a small happiness. Or maybe you find a white background stark and would prefer cream. In many cases, I can change the background color easily. Substantive changes that may require ordering different blanks, and multiple mockups and emails back and forth, with lots of stops and starts are custom tiles. Matching colors exactly is near impossible and takes the fun out it.

More About Color: Tile color will almost certainly not match the color on your monitor, but will be in that range. Tile is reflective and paint far less so, so even matched colors will look very different. Perhaps surprisingly, your final tile color will not be an exact match for your sample tile either -- even if the sample was made recently. Colors can vary based on the temperature when the tiles are made. Tiles made on a very cold day will show some differences from those made on temperate days or during a heat wave. This variation is actually a feature.

Deposits and Payments

There are three ways to pay for your tiles:

Less Frequently Asked Questions

Mock-ups: If you ask for a change, I may send you a mockup by email to make sure I really understood what you asked for before I make your tile. You can get an good idea of color differences and proportion from a mockup, but they are still just an idea. You can ask for a mockup if you haven't placed a deposit on tiles. I'll invoice you $350 per mockup. I'll apply the $350 to your order when you order tile. This gets around me providing free design services for other people's tiles. Should we find ourselves in multiple mock-up territory or fussing with colors, then we are really making custom/bespoke tiles. I can invoice you for the design and consultation hours but it may be more cost-effective to approach the task as a custom design. How to order custom and bespoke tiles.

Change Orders: Having a better idea that builds on another idea, even one you committed to, is part of the creative process. You can change color and pattern up to the time your tiles are made. Changing tile size may be problematic, though. If I don't have the tiles needed on hand for your changes, either due to an unusual tile size or to make glazes consistent across your order, I will need to special order tile blanks. This will delay your order a week at best. At worst, I'll charge you for the additional shipping but not the tiles, even if I have to order a case of tiles.

Cancellations: You can change or cancel your order up until the time I start your tiles. Changes of heart do cost in time and materials so deposits are not refundable. You can apply your full deposit to something else within two years, if I did not have to order special blanks. If I did and haven't used them by the time you order, I'll deduct 15-25% of your deposit.

Field Tiles: I can make your field tile to match your background color exactly, but since I make tiles individually, you're better off getting field tiles locally. If you are in a time crunch, shop for your field times in a complementary color. If not, you can wait until your final tiles arrive.

Replacement Tiles: Yes, I'll make you replacement tiles if something ever happens. Please save some broken pieces so that we can try to match the color. I usually send a few extra tiles at ship time so you will probably already have exact matches if this comes up.

Tiles Damaged in Shipping: This has only happened once ever, but I always send a few extra tiles just in case. Tiles are shipped insured, so if a package is lost or destroyed, we're covered. If a box should be damaged, have the carrier note it on the receipt, take photos of the damaged tiles, and let me know within five days.

Warranty and Terms and Conditions: Tile lasts almost forever and I'll make replacement tiles, if it doesn't. There's a limited one-year warranty (meaning one can't abuse them, or use them for another purpose than they were intended, such as installing them as floor tile). Anything that goes wrong is going to go wrong is going to go wrong in the first few months. What can go wrong? Unusual things, such as the heating behind the fireplace having been installed incorrectly, a fire hazard in itself, that resulting in bubbling and cracking of the tiles after they were installed. After several years, the color will have changed slightly from the environment. We'll do a single new tile to see how much and assess our options. This has never happened, though. *Always save the broken tile if you can.

By ordering tile, you're agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. They're pretty standard (my inspiration).

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