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Designer Jumpstart: Working With William Morris Tile

Architecture would lead us to all the arts, as it did with earlier men: but if we despise it and take no note of how we are housed, the other arts will have a hard time of it indeed. ~William Morris

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Jesse M. King Mermaid Backsplash

So far, working with designers has not gone as well as I had hoped, with only a few exceptions. But I am very motivated to make this a successful relationship for both of us. When your completed design includes an installation of my tiles, the overall glamour of the design makes my work look even better.

With that in mind, I've created this page as a jumpstart to get you going, although it isn't a replacement for the rest of the site. Most of your questions should be answered here and the link for how to order tile is also here. I have a lot of information on my website about William Morris and his circle, the back story on the individual tiles, and the process used. When you're in a hurry, you don't have time for that.

URGENT! I have a client who wants ___ and I need samples. Can you ship them overnight?

I understand the urgency. Until a client puts a deposit on tiles, they continue to shop and the longer the delay, the more likely they will change their mind and you'll be looking for different samples.

The answer is Yes, I have some tile sampler made that I can ship overnight but they may not be the color or pattern you want. If you can wait a day, I can make a sample of the tile you need. contact me and request an e-invoice.

I don't stock tiles or samples. Every order, except overruns, is made to order, and every tile is made individually. The time from sample to receiving your final order takes about the same amount of time as ordering mass-produced tiles from Ann Sacks, sometimes much less.

William DeMorgan Persian Fish Tiles

How much do your tiles cost?

Between $42 and $7200. A few accent patterns are limited edition and more expensive, but if you stay with accent tiles, you'll be between $42 and $55 per tile. Most panels are in the $100-$250 range per tile. Things I worked on for years, such as Membland, the Carta Marina, and the Days of Creation angels, are significantly more. If you have a budget and an idea of what your client might like, I can probably suggest something in their price range.

Do you offer to-the-trade pricing?

Nope, but... Accent tiles have tiered pricing; they become less expensive as you buy more tiles. This will usually work out better for you than a straight percentage would I also offer discounts on tile if paid by check and there is a promise of pictures of the completed installations.

My client wants Custom / Bespoke tiles? Can you help me?

Probably! The process for both As-Shown and Custom / Bespoke tiles is explained here.

Can you match colors?

Not reliably. I have matched colors successfully, but I have also failed miserably and not for want of trying. Moreover, color matching is time-consuming and therefore expensive. Most patterns allow some change in color, but not all. Minor changes in color, such as making a blue more turquoise than cobalt or a green more gray than forest, are easily accommodated in most cases and incur no extra charge.

What do you need from me?

Communication. Some younger designers don't know how to work with artists and artisans and think they are "sourcing" tile from Home Depot. That isn't the case. Getting a phone call saying "We want to put the 'Arabia' border along a dozen hallways in a San Francisco hotel renovation gets me excited, even though I know better. I start thinking about how I can make the schedule work.

For samples, if your need is urgent and my schedule allows, I may start making your samples before your PO is approved in order to meet your deadline with your client. It's just manners to let me know if the situation changes.

I want free sample tiles.

There are many tile collectors, as well as Morris / De Morgan collectors. Since I don't stock mass-produced tiles but make tiles to order and offer custom options, free sample tiles aren't possible.

Ordering a Specific Sample Tile

I can make you one sample tile for $35 plus the cost of postage. The price for a single tile is the same for 4.25 as 6 inch, but shipping on 6-inch tiles is significantly more.

shopping basketSmall tile

shopping basketSix-inch tile

These links work only for U.S. and Canada. Until I add shipping for other countries, please contact me.

I can't make and ship a full-size sample the same day, but usually the next business day.

My client knows what she wants and I'm ready to order tile. What do I do?

Contact me, tell me the number, pattern, and size of tile and I'll get you an invoice. See How to Order Tile.

Thank you! And I look forward to working with you.