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Bestiary Tiles: Medieval Cats

Medieval and mythic themes were popular with William Morris and his circle. I have seval sets of medieval and bestiary tiles listed here : bestiary (dogs, cats, unicorns, and dragons) and medieval gardens. You can mix and match from any of the sets. More tiles are added to these sets as time goes by.

Medieval Cats

Medieval cats

  1. Cat defending fortress from a siege of mice

  2. Medieval cat preaching to mice

  3. Cat confronting a satyr

  4. Book of Hours cat beating a cymbal from The Funeral of Renard the Fox

  5. Cats Royal 13th century English bestiary

  6. Garden of Earthly Delights Cat with Salamander, 1503, Hieronymus Bosch

  7. Medieval cat and monk walking and praying,

  8. Rochester bestiary cat with dancing mouse

  9. 13th century bestiary cats with bird cage

  1. Twelfth century cat stalking

  2. Abbeville cat reading a book, 15th century

  3. Fluffy cat from the book of hours of Joanna the Mad, c. 1486

  4. Medieval cat, stealing family jewels

  5. Ulisse Aldrovandi, 16th cent. Italian cat

  6. Ulisse Aldronvadi cat with extra legs from Historia Monstera

  7. Homesteading cat churning butter. If you want a cat to stay, slather its paws in butter.

  8. Cat, mouse, rat from illuminated ms.

  9. Medieval dog treating a cat for melanchoia

Medieval cats

Medieval cats

  1. Early medieval blue cat, following a mouse

  2. Early medieval yellow cat, having caught a mouse

  3. Allegedly, Geoffrey Chaucer's cat

  4. 15th century arsenal cat, not too happy

  5. Early medieval striped cat

  6. Ulisse Aldrovandi, Cat on a ledge

  7. Annoyed fiddler cat, Morgan Library

  8. Ulisse Aldrovandi, Felis Niger

  9. Ulisse Aldrovandi, Syrian Cat

  1. Cat holding a bobbin of spinning thread

  2. Cat from Luttrell Psalter

  3. Master of the Game Spotted Cat

  4. Prowling cat from De Medicina Ex Animalibus

  5. Cat hunting with bow and arrow from The Funeral of Renard the Fox

  6. Early medieval cat with mouse, and medieval cat sleeping in cradle

  7. Three mid-13th century cats from the Harley Bestiary

  8. Cat with green stripes having just caught a mouse

  9. Ormesby Psalter Cat, 1310

  10. Procession of Black Cats 13th century

  11. Medieval cats playing a fiddle and bagpipe 1320

  12. Cat stuck in tree from Greek Fables, Exemplum de Tribus Latronibus, c. 1475

Medieval cats

Tile Specifications

Title: Medieval Cats

Tile: Tumbled Botticino marble

Size: 6 inch square tiles (15.4 cm)

Thickness: 3/8 inch (1 cm)

Weight: 22 ounces (.62 kg) each tile

*Also available in 4 inch tiles


Per Medieval Pet: $77

Prices do not include shipping costs.


Installed dragon tiles, basilisk

Quick Order Medieval Pets

You can quick order medieval pets. Bestiary tiles usually ship fairly quickly. Here's how to order:

  • Order bestiary tiles After you've checked out, you'll be redirected to a message page where you can tell me which medieval pets you are adopting, ask any questions you might have, and tell me about your project. I will send you an email to confirm your order.

This only works for the US and Canada. For other countries, contact me so I can give you a shipping estimate.