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Tile in the William Morris and De Morgan Tradition

Tile in the tradition of English Arts & Crafts, also known as the decorative wing of the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

Arts & Crafts, Victorian, Medieval, and Pre-Raphaelite Tile

Seven William De Morgan tile panels.  Left to Right: William De Morgan blue peacock, Winged Seahorse Panel, Tree of Knowledge (with William Morris), Fantastic Bird, Winged Gryphon, Peacock and Salamanders, Parrot Fireplace Tiles from

From top left: De Morgan ship, foliage nine patch, Morris Longden, Philip Webb stork, De Morgan ship, William Morris Strawberry Thief, Philip Webb Duck, Late De Morgan galleon, William Morris Tulip Vine, Morris Swan tiles.


Abandon hopelessness, all ye who enter here. - G.K Chesterton

No Holiday hawking -- It's so un-Morris! But the most heartfelt thank you and a wish to give back. No rush! Through the end of 2017, the first tile in your order is $1. Or add a single tile if you are ordering a panel. See How to Order Tile.

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Waterhouse, Circe


Current Featured tile:

William De Morgan red lustre tiles

William De Morgan Fireplace Tiles

The featured tile changes every few days.

There are substantial discounts on featured tiles on the days they are featured. See How to Order Tile.

In addition, a bestiary tile is featured on Thursdays and Saturdays.



Cat 101: Identifying Prey. Left: Cat with mouse and rat.  Right: Cats carrying off birds and mice.

Cat 101: Identifying Prey. Left: Cat with mouse and rat. Right: Cats carrying off birds and mice.

Medieval cat tiles benefit Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.

Customer Installation Photos:

William De Morgan Red Lustre Triptych

Kitchens (three new)

Baths (one new)

Fireplaces (two new)

Stairs and Accents (one new)


New Tiles

I add new tile designs less frequent during tile season.

William Morris Tiles from Textiles:

William De Morgan:

Arts and Crafts:


New Medieval Gardens and bestiary dragons and cats

Tres Riche Heures Labors of the Months tile set (12 months, 6 tiles).

Victorian medieval:

Monoceros Star Map backsplash. Beware of unicorns in the sky.

Golden Age Art Tile:

Current Announcements

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

What I Am Currently Working On

I'm working on Lewis Carroll's fireplace tiles in red lustre but I have not quite finished up with:

From top left: remorseful virgin and unicorn, belled parrot, panther and dragon, monoceros, salamander, elephant, bonnacon, dog, ibex.

The only proper bestiary I have, Anne Walshe's bestiary(1400-1425) is unusual for a medieval bestiary -- less ornate than a royal or monastery manuscript and without gilding , it is a simple bestiary owned by a young girl who occasionally wrote in it and embellished the wolf with additional teeth.


Web Updates

The Forest Lion

I have added Cinderella side panels to the Morris / Burne-Jones Cinderella fireplace tiles. These are based on the little-known Cinderella fireplace at Cronkbourne.

The All-the-Dragons page is down and I am removing the links. With more than 100 dragons, it loads too slowly even on fast connections. One will have to slog through the three dragon pages:

I have updated the Textile Gallery to provide one visual index of textile patterns. Not all colors of every pattern are shown. Follow the easy links to the individual tile pages.

Tiles are inspected several times before they ship:

Woodland Weeds Tile Inspection
Tiles from Morris Textile Designs



I don't send notification emails because people get enough impersonal emails.

If I have your mailing address, I will send an occasional postcard featuring a tile with an interesting backstory. I intend that these will be pretty enough for bookmarks and not make their way immediately to a landfill.

You can get updates on featured tiles at William Morris Tile as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

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Featured tiles are posted on this website, Facebook, Morris Tile on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. The featured tiles discounted while they are featured.

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