Pre-Raephaelite Women of Magick: Evelyn De Morgan

Vain and Crazy: Fall of Troy Tile Panels

Backsplash and Under Cabinet Panels

Why, what could she have done, being what she is?
Was there another Troy for her to burn?

~William Butler Yeats, No Second Troy


Left: Evelyn De Morgan, Cassandra.  Right: Evelyn De Morgan, Helen of Troy

Left: Cassandra, Evelyn De Morgan. Right: Helen of Try, Evelyn De Morgan

Vain and Crazy Tile Set

The under cabinet panels (half panels) in the Pre-Raphaelite women of Magick series are comprised of two tiles each, with a total panel length of 12 inches. It also is possible to create your panel set from panels of the same size.

More sets may be added over time.

Note: One of these women is an imposter, not Pre-Raphaelite.

Evelyn De Morgan, Cassandra


Cassandra was the most beautiful daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy on the condition that no one would believe her. She was seen as a liar and madwoman by all. She foresaw the fall of Troy, and her own downfall. Cassandra warned Paris against traveling to Sparta but failed to change destiny. She warned of Greeks hiding inside the Trojan horse.

During the sack of Troy, she was raped in Athena's temple, where she should have been guaranteed sanctuary. Athena punished the disrespect of her temple by sending a storm that sank most of the Greek fleet on its return voyage. Evelyn DeMorgan shows her standing before a burning Troy. When the spoils of Troy were divided up, Cassandra fell to Agamemnon as a concubine. Both she and Agamemnon were murdered by his unfaithful wife, Clytemnestra.

Evelyn De Morgan, Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy

Evelyn DeMorgan's Helen is a Vanity of Vanities Helen. Like DeMorgan's Cassandra, she standings outside the city with roses, but the city is much farther away. She regards herself in a mirror decorated with a nude Aphrodite. Like Cassandra, she raises her hair above her head, but for the purpose of self-admiraton. Doves bill and coo. Evelyn has an enchanting sense of irony.

Spiritualism was a popular, if unorthodox, belief system from the mid-19th century onward with séances, table-turnings, and levitations, through the control of a medium. Her mother-in-law, Sophia DeMorgan, was a clairvoyant medium and she encouraged her son William and his wife to explore spiritualism and the supernatural. Together, they conducted a prolonged experiment over several years, including automatic writing. They anonymously published the transcripts of their experiment in 1909 as The Result of a Experiment.

Vain and Crazy Pricing and Specifications

Title: Fall of Troy

Number of Tiles: four tiles (2 tiles per panel)

Tile: Ceramic

Size: Each panel is 6 inches by 12 inches, or 8 x 16 inches.

Thickness: 3/8 inch (1 cm)

Price: 6 inch: $325, $535 (when sold as a set)
8 inch $470, $830 (when sold as a set)


How to Order a Sample Tile

I can make you a sample tile for panels and backsplashes. Here's how to get a sample tile:

shopping basketOrder a panel/backsplash sample. When you've finished your checkout, you'll be redirected to a page where you can tell me the backplash or panel you are interested in and ask any questions you might have.

The shipping calculator should work for the US and Canada. If it's off, we can settle up when I ship your order. For other countries, contact me so I can send you an invoice for your sample.

Keepsake Gift Box

Alternatively, you can order a full-size individual tile on a hardwood gift box. Most have locks and keys.

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