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Pre-Raphaelite Women of Magic Story Tiles


The Pre-Raphaelite Women of Magick story tiles center around themes, but are complete on a single tile, not a panel. Each tile is 8 x 6 inches. More tiles will be added to this set over time.


Beware of Cat

Waterhouse, Ariadne

Waterhouse, Ariadne

Waterhouse, The Sorceress

Waterhouse, The Sorceress

Weaving and Unweaving

Sidney Harold Meteyard, I Am Half Sick of Shadows

Sidney Harold Meteyard,
Half-Sick of Shadows

William Maw Egley, Lady of Shalott

William Maw Egley,
The Lady of Shalott

Waterhouse, Penelope and the Suitors

Penelope and the Suitors

For three years, Penelope put off choosing a husband by saying that she must first finish weaving a shroud for Laertes. Each day she weaves and each night she unravels. This goes on until a treacherous maid reveals her secret but by then her true husband, Odysseus, is almost home.

Three Women Plucking a Mandrake

Robert Bateman, Three Women Plucking a Mandrake

Robert Bateman,
Three Women Plucking a Mandrake

Also known as "Devil's Testicles", the Mandrake was the most important magical plant in the Middle Ages.In ancient Egypt, the mandrake was well-known and respected and appears in Ebers Papyrus (1700 BC), which lists more than 700 medicinal plants. It was thought to increase fertility (In the Bible, Rachel uses it in an attempt to conceive). It was also considered a potent aphrodisiac.

When dug, the Mandrake gives off an ear-piercing scream that kills anybody within earshot as it is pulled from the earth.

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8x6 inch: $86 each

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