Pre-Raphaelite Women of Magick

Scrying and Spellcasting

Backsplash and Under Cabinet Panels

No recorded vision is perfect, of high visions, for the seer must keep either his physical organs or his memory in working order. And neither is capable. There is no bridge. One can only be conscious of one thing at a time, and as the consciousness moves nearer to the vision, it loses control of the physical and mental. ~Aleister Crowley


From left: Evelyn De Morgan, Love Potion; John William Waterhouse, Circe Summoning Ulysses; Charles Mengin, Sappho; Waterhouse, The Crystal Ball

From left: Evelyn De Morgan, Love Potion; John William Waterhouse, Circe Summoning Ulysses; Charles Mengin, Sappho; Waterhouse, The Crystal Ball

Scrying and Spellcasting Tile Set

The under cabinet panels (half panels) in the Pre-Raphaelite women of Magick series are comprised of two tiles each, with a total panel length of 12 inches. It also is possible to create your panel set from panels of the same size.

More sets may be added over time.

Note: One of these women is an imposter, not Pre-Raphaelite.

Waterhouse: The Crystal Ball tile panels

The Crystal Ball

This is the original version of The Crystal Ball wherein a young woman in a red dress gazes into the ball, as if weaving a spell with the aid of a book and a skull. As paintings do, it changed hands several times and eventually hung in the dining room at Glenborrodale Castle, Highland. When the castle changed hands in 1952, dining with the skull did not suit the new owner who had it covered by curtains. In 1994 it was put up for auction at Christie's. Martin Beisly, head of the Victorian picture department at Christie's, and his team researched its background and came upon photographs of the original. An X-ray of the painting showed the skull behind the curtains. The original surfae was still protected with a layer of varnish allowing the curtains to be removed and the painting restored.

Evelyn DeMorgan, Love Potion

Love Potion

The Love Potion shows us a witch brewing a love potion, with a black cat at her feet. It has a medieval setting, so popular with Morris and the later Pre-Raphaelites. In her window, lovers walk hand in hand. An interesting note: Evelyn DeMorgan's mother-in-law, Sophia, was a clairvoyant medium and both Evelyn and William had a strong interest in spiritualism and the occult.

Charles Mengin, Sappho


The most dangerous woman to have ever lived. More than 2600 years after her death, Sappho's reputation survives nearly all of her poetry. Born between 630 and 612 BC, she died around 570 BC. Six hundred years after her death, ten of her books were republished. All of her poetry that could be found was burned 900 years later by order of St. Gregory, and again in 1073 by papal decree.

Waterhouse: Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses

Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses

Circe summons Ulysses to drink a cup containing the potion that will bring him under her spell. Ulysses's reflection can be seen in the mirror.

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Scrying and SpellCasting Pricing and Specifications

Title: Scrying and Spellcasting

Indoor Panels: eight tiles (2 tiles per panel)

Tile: Ceramic

Size: Each panel is 8 x 12 inches.

Thickness: 3/8 inch (1 cm)

Price: $255, $985 (when sold as a set)

Half Panel Pricing

It seemed to me that the upper tile in different panels could be installed beside each other to create a border of faces. Or might be suitable for use as an altar tile. You can mix and match panels.

Price: $255 for two tiles from any two panels. $480 for all four.