Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Pandora, Jane Morris model

Dark Pandora Tile Backplash

"I am born of flames"

Rossetti's First Painting of Jane Morris

What of the end? These beat their wings at will,
The ill-born things, the good things turned to ill, --
Powers of the impassioned hours prohibited.
Aye, clench the casket now! Wither they go
Thou mayst not dare to think: nor canst thou know
If Hope still pent there be alive or dead.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Pandora


Pandora -- The Backstory

After Prometheus had stolen fire, Zeus determined to teach mankind a lesson. With the help of Hephaestos, the blacksmith from whom Prometheus had stolen fire for manking, he fashioned a woman from clay. He named her Pandora, which means "all gifted". Athene breathed life into the clay woman and Aphrodite made her beautiful. Hermes daughter her charm and deceit. And then Zeus sent her as a gift to Prometheus's brother, Epimetheus. Clearly, not a heartfelt gift.

In spite of his brother's warning, Epimetheus agreed to marry Pandora. As a wedding gift, Zeus gave Pandora ornate box, a locked ornate box. Beautiful, but she had to promise that she would never open it. The box sparkled when the light hit it just so, constantly drawing Pandora's attention. Why give someone such a box if they can't see what's inside. Finally, she could no longer standing it and stole the huge key off the high shelf, and unlocked the box.

There was no treasure. Zeus had packed the box full of terrible evils to unleash upon the world, poverty, disease, misery, death, sadness and despair -- they stung her like mosquitos and she slammed glosed the lid of the box. A voice within called her to open the lid once again. What could be worse than what had happened? She opened the lid once more. It was Hope. She had allowed Hope to follow them. This is usually taken as a good thing. But if the box is full of evils, why is Hope among them? Scholarly or theological question.

Rossetti's Pandora

Rossetti revisited Pandora in several paintings with William Morris's wife, Jane, as a model. In this dark Pandora, she is dark and somber, as if she has already opened the box and now realizes what she has released upon the world. This was his first painting with Jane as a model, completed in 1871, while Rossetti was living at Kelmscott Manor with Jane and her daughters, Jenny and May. Morris was away in Iceland that summer.

Pandora's Box in this painting was made and decorated by Rossetti himself, for the purposes of this painting. On the box is inscribed, "Nescitur Ignescitur" or "I am born of flames".

Other Pandoras

Jane Morris as Pandora, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1878

Rossetti revisited Pandora eight years later in 1878. The model is still Jane Morris. In the later version, the inscription on the box is "Ultima manet spes" or "Hope remains last".

Pricing and Specifications

Pricing and Specifications

Title: Dark Pandora - mosaic mural

13 x 17 inch (12 4.25-inch tiles): $1175

18 x 24 inch (12 6-inch tiles): $1688

18 x 24 inch (12 6-inch panels of three-inch tiles): $1988

18 x 24 inch (12 6-inch panels of two-inch tiles): $2048

Availability: Can usually be shipped in about two to three weeks.

Keepsake Boxes and Sample Tiles

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Study for Pandora, Rossetti, 1871

Study for Pandora, Rossetti, 1871