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William Morris and Morris & Co.

Tiles from Textile Designs

What joy this space 'twixt birth and death can give. ~William Morris

William Morris, William De Morgan, Arts and Crafts Tiles

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Woodland Weeds

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Not all tiles and colors of every pattern are shown here. Follow the links to the product pages to see colors and variations. (The individual catalogs are new so you'll see some changes in format while I polish them to consolidate images for faster loading and add some short descriptions)


Tiles from Textiles Overview

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William Morris Designs

Most of these patterns, such as Daisy, Strawberry Thief, and Brother Rabbit have particularly colorful backstories. Where I know these, I include that on the individual product pages.

From top left:

Acanthus backsplash and fireplace tiles*

Lily and Pomegranate with cobalt background (more color variations)*

Brother Rabbit in Forest Green (more color variations)*

Anemone (blue and black backgrounds)

Strawberry Thief (more color variations)*

Willow (more color variations)*

Jane Morris Blue Serge Daisies


Bird and Trellis (more color variations)*

Daisy Wallpaper

Tulip Vine (early Medway version)

Lodden (more color variations)

* This tile is seamless in one or more directons

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Morris & Co. Designs

Some of these patterns were produced by Morris & Co. during Morris's life -- Morris made frequent visits to Merton Abbey even in his later years, and a collaborative influence is very much seen on patterns such as Blackthorn and Golden Lily. Later patterns are attributed to John Henry Dearle, who apprenticed at Morris & Co., but clearly show elements from other Morris designs.

From top left:

Blackthorn (more color variations)*

Woodland Weeds (more color variations)*

Compton (more color variations)*

Iris (more color variations)*

Golden Lily*

Seaweed (more color variations)*

Harebell (more color variations)*


May Morris Spring and Summer


May Morris Flower Pot (two variations)

May Morris Honeysuckle

May Morris Garden Piece Border

* Seamless repeat in one or more directons

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Tiles and Panels from Morris & Co. Tapestries

'The Forest'

The Forest was designed by William Morris. His friend, Philip Webb, created the birds and and animals. The Forest is available as a border, a backsplash, and individual forest animals.

'The Forest' Border Tiles
'The Forest' Border Tiles
and Backsplash

Hare tile, based on William Morris 'The Forest' tapestry
'The Forest' Animals

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Edward Burne-Jones, Heart of the Rose Tapestry

The Lilies before the fence were added by John Henry Dearle, and are not in the Burne-Jones design.

Tiles from Textiles

tiles from textiles overview

morris and morris & co. textile designs

tiles from tapestry and embroidery


bird and trellis



brother rabbit


the evolution of daisies


golden lily


honeysuckle (may morris)


lily and pomegranate



strawberry thief


woodland weeds

artichoke, jasmine

medway (tulip vine)

burne-jones heart of the rose

may morris garden piece

may morris flower pot

the forest backsplash and forest animal tiles

unicorn tapestry tiles

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William Morris Designs

Morris & Co. Designs

Morris & Tapestries

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