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Kitchen Tile Installations

Customer Installation Photos

A good home must be made, not bought. In the end, it's not track lighting or a sun room that brings light into a kitchen. ~Joyce Maynard

De Morgan Blue and White Kitchen Backsplash

Charleston, South Carolina

William De Morgan Birds and Beasts Kitchen Backsplashes

William De Morgan, Father of Arts & Crafts ceramics, made a series of fantastic birds and beasts, some, like the owl, dodo, and kingfisher, taken from nature but others, such as the the jabberwocky, griffin, and hippogryph come from myth and imagination.

Similar backsplashes were placed over the cooktop and the sink, with border tiles along the counter edges.

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And Red lustre tiles

Carrowdore Castle Kitchen: Medieval Dogs

County Down, Northern Ireland

Medieval dogs installed in tower kitchen at Carrowdore Castle, Northern Ireland

If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went. ~Will Rogers

Medieval dogs installed in tower kitchen at Carrowdore Castle, Northern Ireland

Details about each of the dogs: Bestiary Dogs

William De Morgan Art Nouveau Kitchen

New York, New York

William De Morgan blue and white tile border, New York kitchen

A selection of De Morgan's early Art Nouveau tiles installed as a blue and white border. Tiles from: De Morgan Birds and Beasts, De Morgan Early Art Nouveau, De Morgan Happy Dragons, and Fantastic Ducks

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Victorian Blue and White Birds and Beasts

Boston, Massachusetts

William De Morgan blue and white birds and beasts kitchen, Boston, MA

No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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Celtic Fairy Magic: Riders of the Sidhe

Loch Earn, Scotland

John Duncan, Riders of the Sidhe, backsplash on Loch Earn, Scotland

The Doom Shall End When a King from the North Weds a Queen from the South. ~Children of Lir

*Swoon*. Most romantic kitchen ever. The Riders of the Sidhe backsplash with surrounding tiles, measures 60 inches by 38 inches.

More about Riders of the Sidhe

Northern California Cottage: 'Forest' Backsplash

Crescent City, CA

William Morris 'Forest' border tiles used as a backsplash in Northern California Cottage

This is an interesting use of William Morris 'The Forest' border tiles as the centerpiece of a white backsplash in a white kitchen. It fits well with the feeling of the house and its surroundings. Morris would approve.

'The Forest' Backsplash and Border Tiles

Sleeping Beauty Sunny Kitchen

Sewickley, PA

William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones Sleeping Beauty tiles.  Accent tiles in kitchen backsplash

Fairy-tales are the myths we live by. The nine William Morris / Edward Burne-Jones Sleeping Beauty fireplace panels were first installed in a bedroom fireplace overmantel at the home of Miles Foster at 'The Hill'. Paired with cool subway tiles, they bring smiles to this sunny kitchen.

Sleeping Beauty Fireplace Tiles

Glasgow Arts & Crafts Kitchen: Mermaids

Carlisle, MA

Jessie M. King Mermaid Backsplash

Jessie M. King Mermaid Backsplash installed in Carlisle, Massachusetts kitchen. The tiles are 4.25 inch ceramic. This panel has a slight size modification to meet the constraints of the space behind the cooktop. An installation of the full 48-tile backsplash is shown here.

Jessie M. King Mermaids

William Morris Brother Rabbit Kitchen

Eugene, OR

William Morris Arts & Crafts kitchen featuring Brother Rabbit kitchen tiles in creamy white on brick installed in a kitchen in Eugene, Oregon

For this Brother Rabbit kitchen in Eugene, Oregon, the customer sent me a knob which I used to approximate the paint color. The birds, also part of the Brother Rabbit pattern, needed to replace four inch tiles between the countertop and the planter. But four-inch blanks were not (and still aren't) available. The pattern was modified to 4.25 wide by 4 inches tall, and the installer trimmed the last quarter inch with a tile saw, adding less than half an hour to the installation time. Brother Rabbit Tiles

Pre-Raphaelite Kitchen: Burne-Jones Angels Half-Panels

Arlington, VA

Pre-Raphaelite kitchen in Arlington, VA, featuring seven Burne-Jones Days of Creation half-panel angels in undercabinet backsplash

The angel half-panels are a good example of brainstorming with the customer for this kitchen in Arlington, Virginia. My original offering was for full panels (there are six) or square tiles showing only the angel faces. The full panels were too tall for the undercabinet backsplash, so we divided the panels and moved the seventh day angel, who was at the bottom of the sixth day, to her own panel. Each panel is 8 inches by 12 inches on two 8x6 inch tiles. The Days of Creation have an interesting backstory: Burne-Jones Days of Creation Angels

Medieval: Bestiary Dragon Kitchens

Washington, DC

Medieval Bestiary themed kitchen backsplash in Washington, DC, featuring bestiary dragons and tumbled marble subway tile

These enchanting dragons live in a kitchen in Washington, D.C. Dragons are found in every culture and the dragon tiles span more than 3000 years and hail from every continent except Antarctica. The original dragon set of 6 or 7 was conceived on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Several bespoke tiles were made for this installation and many more added since. Each dragon has a history and a backstory, and the dragons open up a learning tool to other cultures and their myths to the children who live there. That's a crowned basilisk in the far left corner. A basilisk is the king of serpents, hatched by a serpent from a cock's egg, and often shown as a cock with a snakes tail. See the basilisk: Bestiary Dragon Tiles. Also:

Ancient and World Dragons, including Kur, the World's oldest dragon

Post-Medieval Dragons from Star Maps, grimoires, folklore, and fairy tales

Medieval: Bestiary Dragon Kitchens

Vancouver, BC

Medieval Bestiary themed kitchen backsplash in Washington, DC, featuring bestiary dragons and tumbled marble subway tile

A different dragon arrangement in this Vancouver, British Columbia kitchen. So many dragons! See them all in the Bestiary.

Arts & Crafts Kitchen: De Morgan Carnations

Brooklyn, NY

William De Morgan Arts & Crafts kitchen in Brooklyn, NY, featuring blue De Morgan carnations on eight-inch tiles.

William De Morgan carnations are classic. And happy. These De Morgan carnations are installed in a Bronx, New York, kitchen. The homeowner wanted larger tiles but was limited by height, so we made an eight-inch tile based on De Morgan's design for smaller tiles. The blue color pops more than it shows in this interior lighting. You can see a daylight photo of one of these tiles, and the other colorways available.William De Morgan Carnation tiles

Tiles from Textiles: Bird and Trellis Border

Seattle, WA

William Morris Birth and Trellis broder in Seattle, WA, kitchen

Bird and Trellis is a bespoke tile made for an Arts & Crafts home in Seattle, Washington. The tiles have rose pink flowers and bright blue birds, in a blue and white kitchen. The blue of the birds bounces off the kitchen's blue walls. Morris's inspiration for bird and trellis was watching birds dart through the rose trellises that stood in the garden at Red House. I have Bird and Trellis in several colors. Bird and Trellis Border Tiles