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William Morris Early Tiles

Columbine Tile, 1865

The powers of the columbine can destroy pestilence and cause dogs to cease from barking ~from a medieval pharmacopeaia

William Morris Columbine Tile

William Morris Columbine Tile

Columbine is my favorite of the single tiles. The photo show an actual tile -- I'm trying trying to show the subtle gradient of the blueish-purple into the yellow, but the yellow here is slightly lighter than in real life. It's wonderful.

Most of the original Columbine tiles that remain are blue with a white background. This tile is based on an unusual variant, with the gradiant lavender-blue to yellow-cream background.

I've just added the 6-inch format.

Title: Columbine

Tile: Ceramic

Single Tile: 4.25 inches and 6 inches

Availability: Columbine can be shipped fairly quickly, usually within a week to ten days.

Columbine Tile Pricing

4.25 inch square tiles: $42 each

6 inch square tiles: $51 each

Quick Order Columbine

Quick Order is a good option when you want a few tiles as shown in the most popular size. If you are ordering many tiles, or a combination, see How to Order Tile to take advantage of discounts and better shipping prices.

You can quick order Columbine. The birds should arrive in 10 business days:

The shipping calculator should work for the US and Canada. If it's off, we can settle up when I ship your order. For other countries, contact me so I can give you a shipping estimate.


Installing and Caring for Your Tile

Laying out your tile beforehand will make installation easier. An information sheet will accompany your final orders. These tiles are fine for household use and can be installed on walls, backsplashes, showers, and fireplace surrounds. You can clean ceramic tiles with any household non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. Use only unsanded grout when setting your tile. Sanded grout and hard scrubbing with abrasive cleansers can dull the finish by putting very tiny lines. The color will not come off; it is baked in.