Morris & Co. Cinderella Story Tiles

Cinderella Fireplace Overmantel Tile Panels

There are five existing sets of original Cinderella fireplace panels:

  • Four of the existing Cinderella fireplace sets are six panel sets for the Cinderella Fireplace tiles, with each panel consisting of two square tiles each. The tile sizes vary. Some are less than 5 inches, some more than six.

  • One other set consists of seven panels (14 tiles), with the marriage scene panel from Sleeping Beauty being included as the final panel.

Cinderella side panels

Side Panels

In addition, the original fireplace at 'The Hill' had two side panels, as shown in the black and white photo of 'The Hill' fireplaces below. Variations of these side panels were installed in a small hallway fireplace at Cronkbourne (also called Tromode) on the Isle of Man, known only for its Beauty and the Beast Tile installation. I've recently added the Cinderella side panels, based on the Cronkbourne hallway fireplace.

Cinderella Story Tiles

These are the six Cinderella-only panels. The seventh panel which also appears in the Sleeping Beauty set can be added to this set and it would still be an authentic reproduction set.

Cinderella tile panel: Cinderella and her stepsisters

Scene 1:  Cinderella helps her step-mother and sisters to prepare themselves for the ball.

Cinderella tile panel: Cinderella is found in tears by her godmother

Scene 2:  Cinderella is found in tears by her godmother who transforms her rags into a gown and gives her a pair of glass slippers.

Cinderella tile panel: Cinderella attends the ball.

Scene 3:  Cinderella attends the ball unrecognized by her step-mother or sisters. She dances with the prince.

Cinderella tile panel: The Clock strikes midnight

Scene 4:  The clock strikes midnight. Cinderella runs off, losing one of the glass slippers which is found by the Prince.

Cinderella tile panel: The prince searches for the owner of the glass slipper.

Scene 5:  The Prince searches for the owner of the glass slipper.

Cinderella tile panel: Cinderella pulls the matching slipper from her pocket

Scene 6:  To everyone's amazement, the glass slipper fits Cinderella, who pulls its match from her pocket.

Cinderella Fireplace Side Panels

In addition to the 12 overmantel tiles, the fireplace at 'The Hill' had two flanking side panels:

William Morris Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty fairy tale fireplaces

Interestingly, the same side panels were installed in a small hallway fireplace at Cronkbourne (Tromode) and this fireplace is still intact. I have based my side panels on the version installed at Cronkbourne. They are available in 6-inch or 8-inch tiles.

Cinderella fireplacing flanking side panels

About the Cinderella Tale Story Tiles

Morris and Co. fairy tale tiles inset in marble stair risers

Morris & Co. Fairy Tales by Edward Burne-Jones

Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co. produced the first set of Cinderella panels for a bedroom overmantel at 'The Hill', the home of painter Myles Birket Foster. The fairy tale tiles were designed by Edward Burne-Jones and painted by Lucy Faulkner.

Fairy tale tiles were installed in three bedrooms at 'The Hill'. Other fairy tale panels installed in bedrooms at 'The Hill' are:

Sleeping Beauty Fireplace Overmantel Tiles

Beauty and the Beast Fireplace Overmantel and Flanking Tile panels

Related products: The fairy tale fireplace panels, including the Cinderella set, were surrounded by Swan tiles.

Cinderella Fireplace Tiles Specifications

Title: William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones Cinderella Tile Panels

Overmantel Panels:12 tiles in six 2-tile horizontal panels

Side Panels:Four tiles in two 2-tile vertical panels. Available on six-inch or eight-inch tiles.

Twelve: 4.25 inch (10.8 cm)
Four: 6 inch square tiles (15.4 cm) (also available in 8 inch)

Thickness: 3/8 inch (1 cm)

5.25 ounces (157 grams) each tile (horizontal panels)
11.5 ounces (326 grams) each tile (vertical panels)

Cinderella Tile Pricing

Horizontal Panels: $655 (12 tiles in six, two-tile panels)

All three sets of horizontal tiles: $1905 (Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty - suitable for stairs or a backsplash)

Side Panels:
$285 for six-inch tiles (four tiles in two 12-inch panels)
$405 for eight-inch tiles (four tiles in two 16-inch panels)



How to Order Beauty and the Beast Tiles

You can contact me for an invoice, or you can Quick Order Cinderella horizontal Tiles.

Quick Order Cinderella

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You can expect Cinderella fireplace tiles to ship in about two weeks:

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Multiple Sets or Combination of Tiles

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