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Tulip and Trellis Tile, William Morris & Co.

designed by William Morris and William De Morgan, 1870-1890

Tulip and Trellis Tile designed by William Morris, 1870 Tulip and Trellis Tile designed by William De Morgan for Morris and Co., based on a design by William Morris, later version

Left:Four Morris & Co. Tulip and Trellis tiles, 1870, designed by William Morris
and implemented by William De Morgan.
Right: Single William De Morgan Tulip and Trellis tile design, 1890, in cobalt and blues.
Sold via Morris & Co.

In his later years, William De Morgan denied Morris having had much, if any, influence on his later work. They collaborated on the Membland Tile panels as well as many other designs. De Morgan's stylized version clearly shows the Morris influence.

Tile Specifications

Title: Tulip and Trellis, William Morris 1870
Title: Tulip and Trellis, William De Morgan 1890


4.25 inch square tiles: $43 each

6 inch square tiles: $51 each

How to Order Tulip and Trellis


Quick Order Tulip and Trellis

You can quick order Tulip and Trellis in 6 inch ceramic tiles. If you are ordering many tiles, need a different size, or a combination of different tile products, see How to Order Tile to take advantage of discounts and better shipping prices.

  • Order Tulip and Trellis 6 inch tiles. After you've checked out, choose Return to Website to be redirected to a page where you can tell me if you prefer the Morris or De Morgan version, ask any questions, and tell me about your project.

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