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Fireplace Panels

William De Morgan Peacock and Salamander Tiles


William De Morgan Peacock and Salamander panel, WilliamMorrisTile.com

Peacock and Salamanders

This has no digestive organs, and gets no food but from the fire, in which it constantly renews its scaly skin. The salamander, which renews its scaly skin in the fire, --for virtue. ~Leonardo Da Vinci

Both peacocks and salamanders have a rich mythological heritage. Salamanders hold a rich cultural heritage in folklore, mythology, alchemy, and heraldry.

Pricing for Peacock and Salamaders

The small Peacock and Salamanders panel is 6 x 18 inches, on three 6-inch tiles.

The Peacock and Salamanders panel is 8 x 24 inches, on three 8-inch or four 8 x 6 inch tiles.

18-Inch Tile Panel: $ $380 / $715 (two facing panels)

24-Inch Tile Panel: $ $470 / $860 (two facing panels)

The Salamander in Folklore

Arisototle and Pliny the Elder talk much of the salamander in Books 10 and 29, of Natural History. Pliny claimed that the salamaders body was so cold it could extinquish an fire. In the medieval alchemy, elemental spirits were made from the element they were associated with. The salamander contains the elemental spirit of Fire, the others being Sylph (air), Gnome (Earth), and Undine (water). In heraldry, salamanders represent the mastery of passion passing through its firees umblemished. The salamander was the icon used by King Francis I of France for his sign and motto.

In the Talmud, the salamander is a creature that is a product of fire.