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William De Morgan Ships and Galleons

16 William De Morgan ships. 4.25 inch tiles. WilliamMorrisTile.com

Top row: Three tile triptych

Second row: Late galleon, Man o' War, galleon with warning horn (lunch bell for sea monsters) and rising sun.

Third row: Armada flagship with two sail patterns, galleon with floral sales and two dolphins, bird ship with multi pattern sails.

Fourth row: British warship, Ship with oars extended and furled sails, lead dragon ship with clouds


Fifth row: Viking longship with rowmaster, Phoenician dragon ship, Chinese junk.

Bottom row: Merton Abbey galleon, small sailing ship with wind blowing at its back, bird ship with moon, striped sails, and dolphins.

From left: bird ship with multi-pattern sails, bird ship with moon and dolphins, galleon with floral sails and dolphin, British warship with sparkle fish, skiff with wind and cloud

From left: bird ship with multi-pattern sails, bird ship with moon and dolphins, galleon with floral sails and dolphin, British warship with sparkle fish, small skiff ship with wind and cloud

William De Morgan designed 18 variations of ship tiles, but the some of the elements change between executed tiles, making the possibilities nearly endless. The sails, waves, and fish change and clouds birds and celestial bodies come and go. I have 15 variations available, and one triptych. The late galleon is available in 4.25 inch and 6 inch. All the other galleons are available in 4.25 inch only.

New De Morgan Ship Tiles

Most recent ships: Longship with rowers, lead dragon ship, angel with horn and rising sun galleon, archers and magic bird triptych, bird ship with moon, bird ship with three patterned sails, skiff with cloud and wind, ship with pilot house.

Disclaimer: I am confident of all but the last two ships, the Man o'War and Aramada flagship. Alas, I do not know my ships half as well as I know my dragons but these have been identified by someone who thinks he does.

see: Daylight tile photos and ship installations

Individual Ships and Galleons

Tile: Ceramic

Set: No fixed number

Tile: Ceramic

Size: 4.25 inch tiles

Available colors: All the ships are available in cobalt and white, and cobalt with turquoise highlights. No one has ever asked for the red or green ships, so I have stopped making them. Consequently, only half a dozen of these are available in green, and the archer triptych is available also available in red.

Ships on larger tiles

William De Morgan ships with field tiles

De Morgan ships are also available on 6-inch and 8-inch tiles. The 8-inch tile has three rows of ships in the nine-bough pattern shown with green tiles. The 6-inch tile has four ships. You can choose your ships. For 8-inch tiles, you may want an equal number of one with five ships as shown, and the complementary pattern with four ships and five boughs.

Pricing for De Morgan Ships

4.25 inch square tiles: $42 each

6 inch four-quare tiles: $58 each

8 inch nine-quare tiles: $83 each

Triptych on 4.25 inch tiles: $165

Quick Order Ships

You can quick order 4.25 inch De Morgan Ships. Your ships should arrive in two to three weeks:

  1. Order ships and galleons and/or

    Order phoenix ship three-panel triptypch

  2. Let me know which ships you want.

The shipping calculator should work for the US and Canada. If it's off, we can settle up when I ship your order. For other countries, contact me so I can give you a shipping estimate.