Riders of the Sidhe Kitchen Mural Mockups

Specifications and Notes

1500 mm wide, 1000 mm height

All the tiles start out as 6 inch tiles. It's tidier.

The field tiles surrounding the mural will need to be trimmed on the outer edges.

The left and right edge tiles will be trimmed to 5.5 inches wide.

The top row of field tiles wil be trimmed to 4 and 3/8 inch in height.

The motto row will be trimmed to 5 inches. We leave a bit more on the bottom so we can see the motto over things on the range.

Motto Only

Some Charles Rennie Mackintosh Flowers

You can choose your flowers. All of the flowers, bigger, are here:

Charles Rennie Mackintosh flowers

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers