Victorian Era: Blue and White Tiles

As Long as It's Blue

Of blue choose those shades that have the pure, slightly grey, tone of indigo dye (varying somewhat, of course, on different materials). The quality of this colour is singularly beautiful, and not easy to describe except by negatives : it is neither slatey, nor too hot, nor too cold, nor does it lean to that unutterably coarse green-blue, libellously called "peacock" blue ; it has different tones, brilliant sometimes, and sometimes quiet, reminding one now of the grey-blue of a distant landscape, and now of the intense blue of a midday summer sky, if anything can resemble that. ~May Morris

Morris and Rossetti Collections

There is little that is more "Victorian" than the love of blue and white ceramics. Delft, Chinoiserie, Iznik, even mass-produced Minton Willow found places in Victorian homes. William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rossetti both displayed prized blue and white china collection in their homes.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti's blue and white china collection
Dante Gabriel Rossetti's blue and white china collection

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William and Jane Morris, Kelmscott blue and white china collection
William Morris, Kelmscott blue and white china collection

Available Blue and White tiles

Please read: Not every tile from each set shown here. Some tiles are available on marble and ceramic, most only ceramic. Follow the links to the product pages to see colors and variations.

William DeMorgan nine-bough square tile Kelmscott artichoke William Morris early blue Longden, early Morris Marshall Faulkner and Co. tile designed by Philip Webb William Morris and Philip Webb, Longden design, 1884 William Morris and Philip Webb early blue longden tile, 6 inch tile William Morris sunflower Morris-De Morgan sunflower Flying Foliage De Morgan blue scroll De Morgan: Blue Weaver Birds Vertical foliage William De Morgan mirrored scrolls border Strawberry Thief, blue and white William Morris Medway pattern on tile William Morris willow pattern in blue William Morris Brother Rabbit Fairy Tale mantle swans, 16 swans Fairy Tale mantle swans, 36 swans Kelmscott swans William De Morgan Scrolls and Boughs William De Morgan Happy Dragons Philip Webb birds William Morris Ships William Morris Brother Rabbit bird detail William Morris Columbine, blue and white Kelmscott swans William Morris Lodden pattern, blue and white William Morris Lodden pattern, light blue William De Morgan happy dolphin William De Morgan ships, four square May Morris flower pot in blue Philip Webb Whorls and Swirls Tile from William Morris design for cover of the Ring of the Niebelung, cobalt on white Tile from William Morris design for cover of the Ring of the Niebelung, white on cobalt Detmold Aesop's fables, swan Morris 1860s two-color daisies in blue and white Blue and White Woodblock daisy William De Morgan Blue Leaf Scroll, open William De Morgan Blue Leaf Scroll, closed William De Morgan Blue double Scroll with flowers

From top left: • Nine-bough square, • >Kelmscott artichoke, • Early blue Longden (three variations), • William De Morgan flying foliage, • De Morgan blue scroll, • De Morgan Blue WeaversDe Morgan foliage, upright, • De Morgan Open scrolls, mirrored, • Strawberry Thief- blue on white, • Medway (Tulip Vine), • Willow in blue, • Brother Rabbit, • 'The Hill' Fairy tale swans- one inch swans, • William De Morgan Happy Dragons, • De Morgan Scrolls and Boughs, • Kelmscott swans- cobalt blue (other variations), • William De Morgan Happy Dragons, • Phillip Webb Red House Birds (Not all shown), • 'William De Morgan Ships (18 variations), • Brother Rabbit, blue bird on white (other variations), • Columbine in blue and white, • Late Morris & Co. swans, • Lodden- indigo on white, • William Morgan De Birds and Beasts (Not all shown), • De Morgan ships and foliage (Not all shown), • May Morris flower pot, blue, • Philip Webb Whorls and Swirls, • Birds and Betrayal- blue on white, • Birds and betrayal- white on blue, • Edward Detmold Aesop's Fables (Not all shown), • Early William Morris daisy in blue and white, • Brother Rabbit bird in white on Victorian Blue, • De Morgan scroll, open, • De Morgan scroll, closed, • De Morgan double scroll, with flowers.

Merton Abbey Blue Weaver Birds

William De Morgan blue weaver birds

Philip Webb Red House Birds

Philip Webb Red House Birds, border tiles

The Philip Webb Red House Birds and border tiles are shown on a white background. Both the borders and accent tiles are available with a white or cream background. Birds are available as individual tiles.

See the Red House Border Tiles.

De Morgan Dragon and Foliage

William De Morgan Victorian Dragons

William Morris - William De Morgan Victorian Dragons (available with white or cream background)

>Morris Sunflower

De Morgan Birds and Beasts

May Morris Flower Pot

Morris Woodblock Daisy

Brother Rabbit

Blue and White Strawberry Thief

Evolution of Daisies

Aesop's Fables Nursery Tiles

Blue and White Ships

Red House Birds

Floral Blue Tiles

Victorian Blue and White Dragons

Kelmscott Chaucer Tiles

William Morris Swans

William De Morgan Blues

Victorian era: William DeMorgan cobalt blue and white tiles, produced for and sold by Morris and Co. William De Morgan three-tile panel of ship with archers and magic bird

William De Morgan Fantastic Creatures

See all 15 ships and the ship triptych.

More birds and beasts.

Victorian Nursery Tiles

Edward Detmold Aesop's Fables tile

Victorian animals and birds by Edward Detmold, from Aesop's Fables. Victorian Nursery Tiles.

Kelmscott Chaucer tiles

Edward-Burne Jones illustrations for the Kelmscott
Chaucer tiles in cobalt and white.

Kelmscott Chaucer tiles, William Morris Cobalt and white tile.

See the Chaucer tile set