Celtic Fae Backsplash

Riders of the Sidhe, John Duncan Celtic Faeries

Celtic Faery backsplash based on Riders of the Sidhe

The doom will end when a king from the North weds a queen from the South; when a druid with a shaven crown comes over the seas; when you hear the sound of a little bell that rings for prayers. ~The Children of Lir

A Parallel Realm Beaneath the Earth: Celtic Fairies, the Sidhe

Celtic fae, the Sidhe, are not small, European fairies, but tall and handsome, much like high elves. They inhabited the six Celtic nations (Brittany Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Mann). When their land was invaded by the Milesians, the Sidhe were defeated at the great battle of Tailltin. In the end, they established a parallel realm beneath the earth.

The Sidhe coexist invisibly with the world of humans and are generally benign, unless angered. They do like offerings, with milk being their favorite. Many trees and mounds, or sidhes fall under their protection, and should a mortal harm them, a curse is put upon him and his descendants. Home and roads are not build to cross the ley-lines, the underground fairy paths, lest strange things happen.

When a host of the Sidhe pass by, you hear a strange sound, like the humming of a thousand bees.

This design is based on Riders of the Sidhe by John Duncan (1911).

Riders of the Sidhe Pricing and Specifications

Title: Riders of the Sidhe backsplash

13 x 9 inch (6 4.25-inch tiles): $715

18 x 12 inch (6 6-inch panels of three-inch tiles): $840

18 x 12 inch (6 6-inch panels of two-inch tiles): $970

21.5 x 12.75 inch (15 4.25-inch tiles): $1790

25.5 x 17 inch (24 4.25-inch tiles): $2950

Tile: Ceramic

Thickness: 3/16 inch (.5 cm)

Colors: Can be modified slightly. See How to Order Tile.

Availability: Can usually be shipped in about two to three weeks.

How to Order a Sample Tile

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Keepsake Gift Box

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Celtic Fae: Riders of the Sidhe backsplash

Detail from Riders of the Sidhe

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