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William Morris, Persian tile design

Membland Hall Single Accent Tiles

I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few. ~William Morris

Membland border tiles, 6x6

Accent Tiles

The Membland accent tiles are available in 4.25, 6 x 6, and 8 x 8 inch ceramic.

Membland accent tiles (4.25 inch / 6 inch / 8 inch): $55 / $68 / $88


Membland Installations

Membland accents and border tiles are a great choice when you don't have room for the full mural or a backsplash.

Membland Accent Tiles over sink in Brooklyn, New York.  Design by Barbara Cannizzaro of Josephine Design. Tile by

Quick Order William Morris Membland Accent Tiles

You can quick order Membland in 6 inch tiles. If you are ordering many tiles, need a different size, or a combination of different tile products, or want border tiles or a mural, see How to Order Tile to take advantage of discounts and better shipping prices.

  • Order Membland in 6 inch ceramic. After you've checked out, choose Return to Website to be redirected to a page where you can tell me your background color preference (black, cobalt, cream, or indigo), ask any questions, and tell me about your project.


Keepsake Gift Box

Alternatively, you can order a Membland Tile on a hardwood gift box. Most have locks and keys.

Membland Keepsake Box


Membland is available in the original cobalt, the darker indigo, cream, and black:

William Morris Membland Indigo sample tile William Morris Membland Cream sample tile William Morris Membland Cobalt sample tile William Morris Membland Black sample tile
Sample indigo, cream, cobalt, and black backgrounds.

Other Colors: Some color modifications are possible. See How to Order Tile.


More Membland Tiles

Membland accent tiles, borders, backsplashes and fireplace panels are also available.

Membland Borders and Backsplashes

Membland Fireplace Tiles

Membland Wall Mural


Membland Stair Risers

Membland is an excellent candidate for stair risers, especially as statement tiles in a foyer. Risers are *usually* six inches high, so depending on the number of steps, the full mural, a half panel, or accent / border tiles would work on stair risers. It would be nice if all stairs were at least 36 inches wide, but they are not, especially in some older homes. In such cases, tumbled marble tiles are closer to 5.9 inches than 6 inches and this may be an acceptable workaround for some installations.

About Membland

Six of a unknown number of Membland panels survive. These panels have had broken tiles replaced and therefore do not match up in color or dimension, as did the original Morris and Co. panels.

How Membland tiles were made

William Morris watercolor design for Membland tile panels, 1876

Design for Membland

Use of Images

The William Morris Tile restoration and adaptations of Membland took more than five years to finalize. They are derivative works based on the original Morris design. They are registered by William Morris Tile LLC with the US copyright office and are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

If you want to use Membland for commercial purposes, I've made the original design available. Please start with the original design and create your own version.