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CFA Voysey

CFA Voysey tiles: Hey Diddle Diddle tiles, with different cat colorways
CFA Voysey tiles: Hey Diddle Diddle pattern with alternating cat colorways

CFA Voysey, Hey Diddle Diddle dark with black cats CFA Voysey bluebirds CFA Voysey bluebirds, original background color CFA Voysey Seagulls adaptation Adapted from CFA design for tile: Halcyone, black background Adapted for CFA Voysey design for tile: Halcyone, white background CFA Voysey owls, two facing tiles, blue and orange colorway Apothecary's Garden

Tiles available in 6 and 4.25 inch. From top left: Hey Diddle Diddle dark (black cats), Bluebirds on White, Bluebirds on Original blue, Seagulls, Halcyon on original black, Halcyon white variation, Hoot (Owls variation), Apotechary's Garden (4.25 inch only)

CFA Voysey Cat tiles in four colorways

Tiles available in 8 x 6 inch only inch only: Fin and Tentacle.

Adapted from CFA Voysey, Fin and Tentacle

Six-inch Tiles

Hey Diddle Diddle: Hey Diddle Diddle with black, orange, ruddy, and gray cat colorways.

Hoot (Voysey Owls): Set of two facing tiles for infinite repeat.

Bluebirds: Original blue and white background with cobalt.

Seagulls: Adapted from Voysey Seagull design for tile. Does not repeat.

Halcyon design: Adapted from Voysey Halcyon design for tile. The original design has one left facing bird and a scroll.

Four-and-a-quarter-inch Tiles

Apothecary's Garden: Adapted for tile from the original Voysey design. Vertical repeat.

Eight-by-Six inch Tiles

Fin and Tentacle: Adapted for tile from CFA textile design. Repeats.

Pricing for CFA Voysey Arts & Crafts Tiles

4.25 inch square tiles: $44

6 inch square tiles: $55

8 x 6 inch: $80